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  VisualBadge Logo What is VisualBadge?

VisualBadge is a customized program built by Smith & Warren that lets you design and customize your badge, preview the design, and pay online. With customizable options including lettering, seals, enamel colors and finish, etc., the possibilities for a unique badge are endless. You choose the proper attachment for your application. Dimensions are given for each badge and the preview is meant to be a reasonable likeness of your design.
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  Custom Seals Logo Do you make custom center seals?

Yes, we do make custom seals for badges, however, it does require a custom die be made. When you design your badge on VisualBadge, use the word "CUSTOM" in the area asking for the seal model number rather than leaving it blank. This will correctly price out the badge itself. You will be unable to pay for the custom die charge online, we can work with you to set up the order and collect the payment. Please contact us for more information and custom/corporate center seal die charge pricing before placing your order.

"Soft" or "Hard" enamel does not refer to the durability of the enamel lettering.

Simply put, "Soft" emamel is enamel that lies in the recess of the engraving, whereas "Hard" enamel fills the engraving and is fire glazed and polished flush with the panel.

Text separators are a great way to add differentiation between two lines of text on a ciruclar panel.

Often separating a "top" and "bottom" text line, Star or Dot text separators provide visual spacing and balance.

"Shell" back badges have a hollow appearance and are lighter. "Solid" back badges are heavier and smooth on the back, which offers a denser feel that some customers prefer.

If your model does not offer the Shell option, it will be made as Solid by default.


"Flat" or "Curved" shape refers to the overall dome shape of the badge.

A Flat badge works well when using the badge in a wallet or mounting in a badge display, etc., whereas a Curved badge is typically used on a uniform shirt or vest.

As a general rule, when you see letters beginning to touch each other in the preview, you are using too much text.

If you're unsure, you can submit the order and we can assist with suggestions.

Smith & Warren provides a factory quantity discount for orders of 16+ badges.

Due to the factory's pricing policies, we're not allowed to advertise lower pricing, however, we're always happy to provide a competitive quote. Contact us for more info.

Finish types and informational chart. Call for more info.

Depending on the options your select, standard production badges take between 4-6 weeks to produce. Custom badges go through about 27 different production stations and quality control.

Need it faster? Smith & Warren has an industry-fastest manufacturing program BadgeExpress offering select models and options shipping within 5 business days.

The factory has a paid rush program available for badges not in the BadgeExpress program. Please contact us for pricing and details.

Smith & Warren badges are manufactured in White Plains, NY and come with the industry's only full lifetime warranty!

To file a warranty repair claim, click here to be taken to the claim center.

ANYONE can order a badge, however, badges with law enforcement titles (such as POLICE, SHERIFF, FEDERAL AGENT, FBI) are only sold to those in law enforcement. If you order a law enforcement badge, you will be asked to provide a photo of your department credentials (ID).

If you're unsure if credentials will be required for your order, please feel free to contact us prior to placing your order. Canceled orders due to insufficient credentials for a law enforcement badge may result in an order cancellation fee. Please review our ordering policies HERE


We're proud to offer the finest quality badge wallets and cases made in the United States. Made fit to your specific badge style, our professional badge holders are the perfect accessory to order with your new badge.

Click here to shop our selection.

YES! is happy to be your source for custom challenge coins, lapel pins, shoulder patches, and more.

Contact us to see how we can help your department or organization with their next project.

Creating a custom badge for your department can be an exciting opportunity to tell your department's story, represent your ideals, and exemplify your core values.

We partner with you and Smith & Warren's design team to provide a completely unique badge. Contact us to get started today!

Finish types and informational chart. Call for more info.
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